Software Consultancy

At E-school cart, the goal is to create ‘End to End’ software solutions that add value proposition to the business. We follow Agile for project execution, CRISP-DM in building Data Science/Artificial Intelligence modules.

We serve international corporations, start-ups and other research companies willing to invest in R&D, product development, services around the technological areas such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Robotics, Big Data, mobile and web application powered by Artificial Intelligence and IOT. Our team of IT experts have exposure towards different domains such as Health Care, Supply Chain Management, Publishing, etc and ensure providing an entire package of software consulting services. The process includes building applications from scratch i.e. requirement gathering and analysis, technical architecture, design, development, delivery and maintenance by faster, better and cost efficiently approaches using Agile and CRISP-DM methodologies. With the technology experts collaborating and communicating with our clients enable us in delivering Salable, Quality and Stable products. Our user experience (UX) designs ensure ease of use for all the features of the respective application resulting in business satisfaction. We also guarantee that our services will meet your highest expectations and strive to deliver solutions that bring real value. Our technology stack consists of

BigData plays an important role in Data Analytics and the reason for a great attention on AI over recent years. The explosion of BigData and respective technologies like Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, NoSQL DBs (eg. MongoDB, Cassandra), Cloud etc have changed the way the world operates considering IOT devices, social media platforms etc. which produces huge volumes of unstructured data. Here at E-school cart, we have top-notch expertise in building AI solutions around IOT and BigData. We are proud in delivering efficient and cost-effective Data Engineering, Batch and real-time Analytics solutions over Cloud and On-premise infrastructure.

The On-demand availability of computer servers, file storage systems, databases and AI/ML platform makes things easy instoring, processing and maintenance. We majorly use Cloud Computing platforms like AWS (Sage Maker, ML) and Azure ML to train, deploy the Machine and Deep Learning code along with services.

These applications are not new to industries but powering them with ‘AI’ will take the product to a whole new level and enable the scope in upgrading with more attention seeking features that are mind blowing and value add to your business. The technologies prominent in mobile and web are Java, J2EE, Angular JS, Node JS, React Native, IOS (Swift), Android and many more. We have expertise in building responsive web applications, native/cross platform mobile applications using the above technologies.