Clinical SAS

We offer top quality courses in clinical Data Analysis using SAS (Statistical Analysis Software) covering both base and advance SAS. SAS training program at e school cart has a strong emphasis on practical training and projects and offer an industry oriented learning experience. Our extensive SAS training prepares a student to undertake the world wide recognizable certifications like Base SAS certificate, Clinical Base SAS certificate and also certificate in Accelerated Version of Clinical Base SAS.

SAS is a data analysis tool which is used to analyse the data and store the data in the form of statistical report files, or as visualization report files. SAS is one of the user friendly software's which is used by most of the Clinical data analysing companies (IT, Pharma, Biotech etc) in real time projects to analyse, manage the data in different dataset files and transform the data into meaningful form of report files.

Course Modules:

  • Introduction to SAS in Clinical Research
  • Introduction to SAS in CDM
  • Components of SAS
  • Creating Data sets in SAS
  • Using Libraries in SAS
  • Data Management Concepts
  • Different Data types
  • Base / SAS
  • SAS / STAT
  • SAS Functions
  • SAS Keywords
  • SAS Procedures
  • SAS Import and Export Procedures
  • Basic Statistics for Clinical Data
  • Statistical Significance
  • Data visualization tools
  • Reporting Clinical trial analysis
  • SAS Macros (Advance Level)
  • SAS SQL (Working with SQL)

During the training period the following modules will be covered as a part of Student career Improvement Program.

  • Communication and Soft skill development
  • Just A Minute Sessions
  • Seminars
  • Case studies
  • Mock interviews
  • Guest lectures
  • Student improvement program
  • Professional career building
  • Organizing Resume
  • Knowledge Sharing on new techniques