Competency Building

Resources with integrated knowledge, right skills and judgement can deliver the “Artificial Intelligence” use-case on time, with quality and cost effectiveness. The process cycle including Corporate Training, Project Envisioning, Project Planning, Project Development and Project Deployment. This entire process will span across 3 to 6 months.

1. Corporate Training: Intense resource training in AI concepts and tools for imbibing the right skill and knowledge

2. Project Envisioning: Requirement Gathering and analysis of in house and client Use-Cases by involving trained resources into the process.

3. Project Planning: Estimate project cost, timelines and resources needed.initiate Solution Architecture and design along with the trained resources.

4. Project Planning: The project with trained resources and help them understand the process all through out the execution.

5. Project Deployment: Ensure, resources deliver the project successfully on time with utmost customer satisfaction.