Block Chain Training Course

E schoolcart Blockchain Course is designed with High-level Knowledgeable Industry Experts to cover all the basic concepts of money, the blockchain, wallet security along with the compliance to make future space in global companies. This course helps the aspirants to leverage skills in various concepts smart contract, payment rails, immutable ledger, micro transactions etc.

"Make your career in Blockchain Technology to make secure transactions in an effective way"

Blockchain Training Course Content

  • Basics of Blockchain Decentralization
  • Blockchain Definition
  • Properties Of Blockchain
  • Types of Blockchain
  • Generations of Blockchian
  • Public and Private Blockchain
  • Introduction Immutability and Transaction Linkage
  • Consensus Algorithms Introduction
  • Cryptographic Techniques used: Hashing and Digital Signature
  • Blockchain Use-cases


  • What is Bitcoin
  • History of Bitcoin
  • How Bitcoin Blockchain works
  • Different components of Bitcoin network : Wallets, Miners, Network
  • Bitcoin transactions, Wallets and Exchanges
  • How Blockchain is implemented in Bitcoin
  • Transaction flow
  • What is consensus
  • POW Mining algorithm
  • Forks


  • Ethereum Introduction Architecture of Ethereum
  • How blockchain is implemented in Ethereum
  • Different components of Ethereum Accounts, State, Gas and Fees, Block structure.
  • Ethereum Proof of Work Algorithm
  • Introduction to Proof of Stake and Casper
  • Forks and Ghost Protocol Different Ethereum Networks Setting up our own
  • Ethereum Node : public and private
  • Remix IDE Ethereum Smart Contract Language : Solidity
  • Introduction, compilers and IDE’s Tools available for solidity
  • Contract structure
  • Data types, function types and other solidity features
  • Libraries, Abstract Contracts etc..
  • Sample solidity programs
  • ERC Standards: ERC20, ERC223, ERC721

Blockchain Training Course Content

  • Creating our own ERC20 token and How can we do ICO
  • Web 3 introduction & Infura services
  • Truffle Framework
  • How to develop unit test cases using Truffle
  • End to end POC/project using Ethereum


  • How BitcPrivate Blockchain Introduction
  • Private vs Public Blockchains Hyperledger and flavours of Hyperledger
  • Hyperledger fabric 1.0 Architecture
  • Transaction workflow
  • Chain code Introduction
  • GOlang basics required for Writing Chiancode
  • How to setup your own network using IBM cloud or on Local Machine
  • How to write chian code
  • How to develop apps using Hyperledger fabric Node SDK
  • Hyperledger Composer
  • Designing business networks using Hyperledger composer


  • Crypto currencies
  • Crypto Exchanges and types
  • DAO hack Limitations of Blockchain
  • Future scope of Blockchain
  • What Blockchain is not for (Limitations of Blockchain)
  • Common Interview questions in Blockchain

Advanced Topics Introduction

  • Crypto currencies
  • Crypto Exchanges and types
  • DAO hack LiAtomic swaps
  • Decentralized Exchanges State Channels
  • Payment Channels
  • ICO (Initial Coin Offering)
  • ILP (Interledger Protocol)